Your customers would sometimes expect that little piece of information from you before they may decide to buy any product or take the services from you. Therefore it would be important to provide them the information they may need when they request for it.


Text for Information

will enable businesses or organizations to send texts to fulfill their customers’ requests for information. By setting auto responders, businesses can easily impress their customers and attract them to buy the products or take the services from them.

Meet and exceed your acquisition goals.

Make it easier for people to text in for links to key conversion pages such as sign up forms, app download pages, applications or registration sites.

Promote your SMS keyword and our easy-to-remember shared shortcode through online, print, TV, radio and billboard advertising and watch your numbers climb. Automatic text replies are faster and easier than QR codes or URLs!

Make rapidly changing information available by text.

Provide timely information through our API text auto responders, allow transit riders to text for info and get real-time bus arrival information by text, or enable bank customers to get up-to-date bank account balances. Or simply deliver the latest event schedules and updates on demand, by text.

Transit Agencies

Spread your keyword and the vehicle number so that your customers can SMS you to get real-time information about the location of the vehicle and much more.

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Let your account holders get their account details / balance amount etc with simple reply.

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Hotels / Restaurants / Bars

Make your special deals, offers and discounts for selected customers with reply for all their queries

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Real Estate

Let your buyers get information about your property or other ventures with auto responders.

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Product / Services Firm

Provide more information about your products or services with short SMSes for all queries from customers.

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Mobile App Entrepreneurs

Let your customers get the link to download your app when they text you for more information.

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Marketing & Advertising Agencies

With Text for Info, marketing and advertising agencies can fulfill their customers’ needs with respect to more information or fulfill their queries by directing them to a link in their SMS.

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Send and receive texts

You can send and receive text messages. With short codes and keywords, your customers would receive SMS for all information they may need.

Basic Auto Responders

You can set auto responders for all the information your customers might ask for. They will automatically receive the message when they will reply to your SMS for more information.

Dynamic Auto Responders

Apart from basic auto responders, businesses have the option to set dynamic auto responders which will allow them to send more personalized messages.


Customers who may ask for more information may get added automatically to your subscribers list so that you can get in touch with them in future as well.


You can view, edit or delete all reports with respect to text for information type of message you have received, how many have got a reply for their queries etc.

Advanced API Integration

With our advanced API integration options, you can have the chance to build more complex SMS or Text for Information Campaigns and respond more easily than ever before.


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