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Non-Profit or Not-for-Profit organizations will always have to look for the ways of marketing which can be much more under their budget. Of course, gaining, regaining the attention of the people who may come forward to help or donate for the services you are performing can be difficult for you but do you know you can at least, simplify your efforts with our SMS Marketing services? Yes, that is true.


Cost-effective marketing for nonprofit organizations.

98% of recipients read their text messages, 90% within 3 minutes.

Send personalized messages

You can select a group or groups to send more personalized messages

Engage supports

Get connected to supporters with effective SMS campaigns.


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Why use Bulk SMS Bharat for SMS Services?

Non-profit organizations can take SMS services to send

  • Schedule reminders
  • Meeting updates
  • Last-minute updates
  • Promote programs
  • Invite people to join programs
  • Respond to their queries
  • Request for donations (with links to donation page)
  • Conduct surveys
  • Conduct fundraising campaigns etc

How Your Nonprofit Can Use Text-for-Info

  • Nonprofit Surveys
  • Website Promotions
  • Job Recruitment
  • Mobile App Downloads
  • Event Location Info
  • Volunteer Recruitment

How Your Nonprofit Can Use SMS Lead Generation

  • Donor Leads
  • Attendance Check-In
  • Volunteer Database
  • Industry Events

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